UKIP Candidate Is A Bible-Burning Orthodox Jewish Rabbi

Why so much hate? How come this man who is supposed to want to restore freedom and values, burns a Bible? What is UKIP really? Too many questions and one answer, it all goes back to the same thing. The destruction of Christianity. 



“Ukip candidate is a bible-burning Orthodox Jewish rabbi,” Source:

  • Shneur Odze reacted with fury when he found a religious tract in his synagogue
  • It purported to be a Jewish bible and was put there during Passover
  • Mr. Odze took the book out into the street and set fire to it
  • A Ukip spokesman said: ‘While we understand the act, it was ill-advised to put a picture of it on social media’

Shneur Odze, who is standing against former Health Secretary Andy Burnham in Manchester, reacted with fury last Sunday when he found a religious tract in his synagogue which purported to be a Jewish bible.

To compound the provocation, it was put there during Passover, the holiest time of the Jewish calendar.

Former Tory councilor Shneur Odze, pictured, admits he was unsure about switching to Ukip, expecting it to be the ‘BNP in blazers’

Mr Odze took the book – which he believes was placed there by a proselytizing religious sect – out into the street and set fire to it, pictured

A Ukip spokesman said: ‘While we understand the act, it was ill-advised to put a picture of it on social media which was also provocative and likely to be misunderstood’

Mr Odze took the book – which he believes was placed there by a proselytizing religious sect – out into the street and set fire to it.

He then put pictures of the event on Twitter under the comment: ‘Grateful to whoever put a missionary bible amongst our synagogue’s books. Was wondering what I’d burn my Chametz [food forbidden at Passover] with.’

He has since removed the images from Twitter.

Last night Mr Odze explained that his actions were in line with Orthodox tradition because it was a Hebrew new testament purporting to be a Jewish bible, produced by ‘an extreme proselytizing Christian sect of former Jews trying to convert practicing Jews to a belief in Christ as the prophesied Messiah.’

Mr Odze faces an uphill battle to beat favorite Andy Burnham, pictured, in the race to become the first Manchester mayor in next month’s election

Jewish teaching forbids one from ‘putting a rock in the path of a blind man’ – or fraudulently passing something off.

But as to give the book away ‘would be to compound the fraud’, and to throw it away would be to ‘disrespect what is still a religious tract’, he said his only option was to burn it.

Mr Odze said: ‘It was no more a bible than a Beano wrapped in the cover of The Mail on Sunday is a newspaper, but I accept that it was unwise to post the pictures.’

A Ukip spokesman said: ‘While we understand the act, it was ill-advised to put a picture of it on social media which was also provocative and likely to be misunderstood.’

Mr Odze, who faces an uphill battle to beat favorite Mr Burnham in the race to become the first Manchester mayor in next month’s election, is a confidant of both former Ukip leader Nigel Farage and his successor Paul Nuttall.

The 33-year-old former Tory councilor admits he was unsure about switching to Ukip, expecting it to be the ‘BNP in blazers’, but now believes it is the only party able to challenge Labour in the North.

15 thoughts on “UKIP Candidate Is A Bible-Burning Orthodox Jewish Rabbi”

  1. I was absolutely stunned and shocked when I first heard about this, as I relayed to an English contact a few days ago.

    Moreover, I couldn’t believe this horrible anti-Christ Jew was running as mayor of Manchester and as part of a purported nationalist English party – the UKIP !

    King Edward I and his edict of expulsion of the Jews from England was clearly aimed at these types of subversive elements within England.

    Burning Bibles? Imagine the uproar if it was a “White or English nationalist” burning the religious texts of non-Christians and others; the media coverage would be non-stop and we’d never hear the end of it – worldwide.

    The Zio-Jews have caused so much misery to the gentiles of England (and sadly many of whom are so unwittingly supportive of them and so brainwashed by their Zio-lies, too!).

    Cromwell’s re-admission of the Jews c.1655 was perhaps the greatest mistake in the history of England.

    Regardless, King Edward I, I salute you! We should ALL salute you, English or not, especially if we’re pan-White or European nationalists seeking to preserve our nations free from the parasitical (((subversives))) who are seeking to genocide us through their anti-White plans (eg, the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, unsustainable mass Third world immigration, etc).

    1. After this rather depressing article, I think I may go and pick myself up by getting a bottle of this :
      King Edward I Old Blended Whisky – 1950s

      1. I must admit I have a soft spot for the ol’ whiskey myself!

        God bless you King Edward I of England. May God help restore England to her former glory and may future King Edward the First’s arise (sooner rather than later) to help in this endeavour.

        England for the native English! Germany for the native Germans. And so and so forth!

    2. When Cromwell had the Edict of Expulsion lifted, there were already Jews living in London.
      These originated from Spain and were Maranos Jews who had “converted” to Christianity.
      The first thing they did was to “reconvert” to Judaism.

      1. When Cromwell had the Edict of Expulsion lifted, there were already Jews living in London.
        These originated from Spain and were Maranos Jews who had “converted” to Christianity.
        The first thing they did was to “reconvert” to Judaism.

        Hence why Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre of the SSPX (the true Catholics) had this to say in his Against the Heresies :

        1. One Jew who “converted” to Christianity was a scientist living in Germany. He did so to further his status.
          He ended up inventing the first poison gas, which was used in WW1 and, at the very first strike, killed or maimed a large number of French and Algerian troops in the trenches.

          He was so thrilled, he celebrated it and, that evening at the celebrations in his house, was bragging about how he’d invent poison gas that was even more lethal.

          His wife, also a Jew who had converted, was so appalled, she went out in the garden and shot herself.
          Sadly she died in agony, as they did no know what she had done until hours later.

          She was perhaps a sincere convert, whereas her husband went on developing poison gas.
          Sadly, the other side copied the idea and also started producing it.

          One reason among many why Jews were later excluded from the armed forces and from the fields of science during the Race Laws introduced in the 1930s in Germany.
          In fact, Germany in that period was appalled at what Jewish scientists were capable of doing, between poison gas and – as later became evident – the atom bomb!

          1. Hi, Captain. Thanks for the up-vote and reply on the other channel. I admire your work.

            I think that we need to figure out what happened (and didn’t happen) in WWII if we are to survive the 21st Century.

          2. Exactly, Sir. In both world wars, America was sent to fight against Brother nations.
            Because the press said so.
            Who owns and runs the media?

            And also, because the family-bankers wanted it.
            Who owns the banks?
            See who owns the FED and the Bank of England to see who is terrorising us!

      2. Thank you. You are correct indeed. The perfidious Jews indeed “reconvert” to Judaism.

        The marranos were those who faked conversion to Christianity and secretly continued to practice their anti-Christ Talmudism/Judaism.

        The conversos were those Jews who did convert to Christianity – but supposedly had quit their anti-Christ Talmudism/Judaism. The founder of the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola was one.

        Interesting read (there’s so much stuff on this topic too):
        Eg, Henry Makow, Marranos — The Original Crypto Jews 1 November 2009–_the_original_crypt.html

        “The “Jews had invaded Spain from within…Judaism was not only incurable; it seemed to be invincible….rather than solving the “Jewish question” the mass conversions had created a new problem: a powerful middle class made up of secret Jews.” [We are still dealing with that, not only in the Churches, but in all spheres of public and private life : government/bureaucracies, media, academia, business, the arts, etc etc]

      3. BTW- this is just MHO- I think we need to ditch Judaism, Christianity, Islam (the Abrahamic Religions) and return to our ancient roots. I think those are creepy religions of desert people and completely alien to our rich European heritage. I can’t get enthusiastic about larping as Israelites.

        But reasonable people can disagree and some of my dearest friends are Christians. I’m not trying to pick a fight. I’m on your side.

        All respect to you, Captain.

        1. But Jesus is our Saviour!

      4. In his Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements, Louis Israel Newman summarizes: “Protestantism made its greatest stand where the Marrano Jews were active … They helped break down the authority of the Vulgate and thereby prepared Europe for the Reformation.”

        More recently (and straight from the horse’s mouth):

        “From outposts in Austria and Switzerland, several had tried to formulate Catholic arguments against anti-Semitism under the shadow of Nazism three decades earlier. They were as unrepresentative of Catholicism as one can imagine. Not only were they, Central Europeans, brave enough to stand up to Hitler when it counted, but they mostly had not been born Catholic. The Catholics who helped bring the church to recognition of the continuing sanctity of the Jewish people were converts, many of them from Jewish families.”

        “In 1961, Oesterreicher was summoned for work in the Vatican II committee tasked with the “Jewish question,” which became the most difficult issue to face the bishops. At one critical moment in October 1964, priests Gregory Baum and Bruno Hussar joined Oesterreicher in assembling what became the final text of the council’s decree on the Jews, voted on by the bishops a year later. Like Oesterreicher, Baum and Hussar were converts of Jewish background.”

        “They were continuing a trend going back to the First Vatican Council in 1870, when the brothers Lémann — Jews who had become Catholics and priests — presented a draft declaration on relations between the church and Jews, stating that Jews “are always very dear to God” because of their fathers and because Christ has issued from them “according to the flesh.” Without converts to Catholicism, it seems, the Catholic Church would never have “thought its way” out of the challenges of racist anti-Judaism.”


        More on one of the above “convert” priests:

        “In the 1970s, he welcomed the insights of the Theology of Liberation”
        “In the 1980s and 1990s, Baum continued his study into ideology critique by integrating the work of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory.”
        “After retirement, Baum developed an interest in Islam”

        Liberation theology and the (((Frankfurt School))). Doesn’t sound like a (((Communist))) LARPing as a Catholic. Not at all.

        1. That’s interesting.
          One could make the following consideration:
          Jews “converting” to Christian churches and spreading their ideas in some sort of “reform”, and “Christians” becoming “zionists” and doing the bidding of their Jewish masters/mentors.

          In the second case, the “converts” are the perfect goyim, robot-like zombies. In the first case, the “converts” are the new masters.
          Every f time!

        2. I wish more people would read Rabbi Newman’s book and let what he has written sink in. It might cause the scales to fall from their eyes.

          As for Connelly’s piece, not so much. It suffers from an analysis which is overall rather shallow. As well, no one should attempt to seek the truth about Catholicism there, because, as the Forward website notes, it is interested to promote “thoughtful discussion on issues of importance to the Jewish community” – not the Catholic community.

          The Catholic Church has a long history of dealing with converts from Judaism, and there is a recognition that to lump all Jewish converts together would be extremely simplistic. Jesus was the ‘King of the Jews’ and all his apostles were Jews. But already there was a difference between Jews and Jews, as can be seen, for example, from the writing of St John, himself a Jew.

          Some Jews tried to kill the first Christians. Saul participated in the killing of the first Christian martyr, St Stephen. Later on he converted to Christianity and is now known as St Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles. He also features in one of the first known cases of attempted Judaizing of Christianity. He spoke out against it and rebuked St Peter, the first Pope, for supporting it. It was also the first known instance of one of the faithful rebuking the Pope.

          And yet St Paul recognised the primary importance of Jews in salvation history, saying of those Jews who rejected Christ that they were like branches cut off, yet still had hope of salvation: “And they also, if they abide not still in unbelief, shall be grafted in: for God is able to graft them in again.” (Rom 11:23) Note well the “if they abide not still in unbelief” part.

          Regarding Fr Gregory Baum, he has been unmasked for the impostor that he is; see this article – and read the comments.

          More and more Catholics are waking up to the fact that Vatican II Council was hijacked in the first few days by a large lobby group who had been planning consistently to do just that for a long time. Baum and others Connelly mentions were just a few of those implicated in the hijack which has had enormous ramifications for the Church in the last 50 years or so.

          But faithful Catholics know that Vatican II is not yet the last word. They know that the mills of God grind slow, but exceedingly fine. They know that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church that Jesus Christ instituted, because He Himself said so. His word is the last word.


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