COMMENTARY: Why Is Russia Silent When Israel Bombs Syria?

Some call us a ‘Putin bashing’ site. The problem with these people is that they don’t take their time to study history, learn the truth about the Soviet Union and learn about the real Communist Party and how they work. It is easier to follow mainstream media or today’s communist alt-media and repeat the same propaganda than it is to see the truth and expose it.

By helping the tribe they are going against themselves. There is oil in the Golan Heights and very possibly Russia, Assad, Israel and it’s allies are dividing the pie and of course using the fabricated war as an excuse to spread terrorism, kill goyim and push for WWIII. Sounds crazy? Read history. It’s happened before, it will happen again. All these wars have other motives, not the ones presented to us – The Goyim. Don’t repeat what you hear, RESEARCH! 


“Why Is Russia Silent When Israel Bombs Syria? | War and Conflict,” Source:

More and more surprising is the reaction of Russia to the terrorist actions of Israel towards Syria! What is the reason for such connivance?
Only in the last two years since the strengthening of the Russian military presence in Syria, the Zionists have committed more than 30 attacks on various military facilities in Syria, including those in the zone of responsibility of Russian air defense systems. But Russia does not answer, does not defend its ally and is silent …

A very strange and surprising silence. We can not imagine if this happened during the times of the USSR.

Not only we are surprised.

The Veterans Today website also expressed surprise: URGENT: Russia Silent as Israel Bombs Syria

The details of the Israeli Air Force attack on the position of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in the in Quneitra Governorate have been disclosed.

As it turned out, Israeli aviation attacked the Syrian government troops with unmanned aerial vehicles. The soldiers of SAA’s 90th Infantry Brigade were under fire.

The Israeli Air Force planes struck a missile attack at the positions of the Syrian army in the Khan Arnabeh district of Quneitra Governorate. It was also reported earlier the blow was carried out to the east of the village of Ein Ayshaa.

Two missiles were fired at 06.45 p.m. when government forces were repulsing  Al-Qaeda’s attacks in the vicinity of the city of Quneitra.

The remnants of an Israeli missile that hit SAA Golan regiment’s tank.

The incident led to heavy losses of equipment and material in the Syrian Arab army.

There are reports that Al-Qaeda terrorists infiltrated Quneitra from the Golan Heights occupied by Israel with the aim to strengthen the front in Madinat al-Ba’ath.

Al-Qaeda terrorists infiltrated

Apparently, Israel had prepared and launched a missile strike in order to provide artillery support to Al-Qaeda terrorists. The Israeli drones recorded in the province of Quneitra make it possible to conclude that Al-Qaeda is provided with reconnaissance information from the battlefields with Israel help too.

Now we see that even when terrorist Israel is not hiding helps terrorists with Al-Qaida, Russia is silent.

What is the reason for this silence?

To understand this, we simply need to recall what Brigadier General Nizar Abd al-Qader said in an interview for the Lebanese newspaper Al-Jumhuriyah:

“Russia has a strong Jewish lobby that influences power and does not want to quarrel with its historical homeland.”



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