VIDEO: The Alt-Right & Migration

The Goyim of the Alt-Right have made the choice to accept money from the Chosen People to hide their role in mass migration, and only fuel the fire so that The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan could continue. This is the bribe that BNP President Nick Griffin refused.

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: The Alt-Right & Migration”

  1. This video seems to be a subtle promotion of the anti-white agenda. Why the soft music as a background for all the anti-white statements? And why all the featuring of statements by Jew controllers who want to annihilate the white race?

    1. Elaine, we see your point and appreciate it. 2 Things: 1. We didn’t create the video, 2. We posted it to demonstrate who is behind some of the “Alt-Right.”

      1. Thank you for your input. Most always the videos and articles that you post are very informative and cannot be seen anywhere else. Much appreciate your valuable information.


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